Interview with Chris Blackmore from Holy Smokes Records

Here’s my interview with Chris Blackmore from Holy Smokes Records!

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We’re catching up today with our Music Business student Chris Blackmore.

Chris is no ordinary student as he’s been running the folk & roots record label Holy Smokes Records since 2013.

We’re discussing the early days of Holy Smokes Records, the Music Business course and the live stream trend which came with lockdown.

Big thanks to Chris for answering our questions, we hope it will inspire you to start a career in the music industry too!

You founded Holy Smokes Records in 2013. What inspired you to start your own record label?

I’ve never had much of a natural flair with musicianship but I’d always been a huge music lover and long been drawn to live music. And lots of it. When I was a wee guy, a lot of my friends were either promoting gigs or playing in a smattering of caterwauling guitar bands so I’d often find myself…

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