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About Me

Hi guys!

My name is Emmanuelle, but please just play it cool and call me Emma. (Even my parents never call me Emmanuelle…)

I’m a wee frenchie, born and raised in South of France (Montpellier), but I thought it was too warm for me there, so I decided to live in Paris for while. I know that you guys find the french accent sexy, so let’s hope my grammatical mistakes will be adorable =D

I finally found my happy place on earth: Glasgow (Scotland) and I’ve been living here for 3 years. The city of the best music in the world!

I’ve been a professional singer since my sweet 18, and I’m also a Music Business graduate since June 2020.

In September 2020, I started another HND in Advertising & PR to help me develop my music PR project that aims to introduce Scottish artists to France, and vice versa.

I started as a radio presenter in September 2020: I host a monthly radio show called “What’s Up Glesga” on French radio. I talk about the musical culture in Glasgow and I play my favorite unsigned Scottish artists.

The name of my blog , l’Ode Rose, is my personal tribute to my biggest inspiration as a singer, and a tribute to my country as well. It’s the anagram of Dolores (O’Riordan), who passed away in January 2018, and I just added an extra E to give a french vibe to the name.

So obviously, I’m going to talk a lot about music here, and also about films and series sometimes! Feel free to get involved in the comments!

Ne vous inquiétez pas les Frenchies, j’ai aussi pensé à vous!

Vous trouverez une section “le coin des Frenchies”, où je posterai en français pour vous faire découvrir les fabuleux artistes que nous avons en Ecosse en général et à Glasgow en particulier!

Photo credits: Martin Forry

French girl living in Glasgow. Sharing my musical discoveries and reviews, in english or in french depending on the topic of my article!

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