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New live radio show !

Hi guys!

I’m quickly coming back to make a pretty cool announcement: I joined the online radio station Johnstone Sound last month and I go live every Wednesday at 8pm with the French Connection show!

I play some of the best emerging talents from the UK, a few 90s classics, my favorite cover versions of popular songs and, of course music by French artists that you’ve probably never heard before. So if you like to discover new music, you’re in for a treat! That’s the kind of show I wanted to offer: a focus on music discoveries. Otherwise, what’s the point in playing the same songs as another radio host?

I’ve been doing this for a month now and I’m really enjoying myself. The first show was so stressful though as everything that could have possibly gone wrong, well, went wrong, from the laptop crashing 5 minutes before the show to the fire alarm starting to ring for no reason!

But now that I’m getting to grips with the broadcast world, I’m having a blast! It’s so funny how I ended up having my own radio shows, without even looking for it. I love those kind of opportunities, it makes my life so much more exciting, especially during the past year.

If you have missed the news, I also have a monthly radio show called What’s up, Glesga, where I talk about the music scene in Glasgow. It’s broadcast on the “British Connection, l’emission rock” online radio show and on 150 French radio stations as well.

Wherever you are, you can listen to the French Connection show online, so join me on every Wednesday from 8pm to 10pm UK time (21h/23h French time).

Please share the news to the music lovers out there! See ya!

Joining a French radio show from September onward!

Hey guys!

Yeeees I’m back, it’s been way too long I know. I have to admit that inspiration was hard to find during the pandemic and I could only focused on one thing at the time. Since I had to finish my studies, it obviously took me most of my time and energy!

But I’m a Music Business graduate now!

It is such an achievement for me as going back to studies after 16 years of being a professional singer was enough of a big challenge already but I also chose to do it in a foreign country. I’m very happy and proud I managed to go through with it especially during this challenging time.

Anyway, I know now what I want to do in the music industry: I want to work in PR & Marketing. That is why I started “L’Ode Rose PR” as a personal project during lockdown and it aims to promote Scottish artists in France, and vice versa. I would like to be a musical bridge between Scotland and France! It is important to me to share both culture, the one from the country I was born in and the one from the country which had made me feel like home for 3 years already.

I asked two bands I really believe in, Chris Greig and The Merchants and Stranded Astronaut if they would be happy with me trying to get them some radio plays and blog reviews in France and I was delighted when they agreed.

That’s how I had the idea of getting in touch with Philippe from my Facebook friends list, as I remembered he had a radio show called “British Connection” where he plays some of the best British music. It suits my project perfectly, isn’t it? I initially contacted him to ask if he’d be happy to play some tracks I would send him.

This was a looooong intro to get there, but as you read it in the title of the article, Philippe actually offered me to have my own radio show within his show once a month! If you follow me on my social media you have probably heard the news already but I thought it was a nice way to make a comeback on the blog.

It’s called “What’s up Glesga!” and I’ll be talking about the Scottish musical culture and will play my favorite “track of the month” for the French audience to discover new and/or unsigned Scottish talents.

I am so happy to join the team, I feel like my journey as a PR is properly starting and I can’t wait to be on air and to develop my business. Huge thanks to Philippe for giving me this opportunity!

I can already tell you that I will talk about Electric Honey Records in my first show. I’m currently working on my jingle and the recording.

I’m buzzing for this! You can follow British Connection on Facebook to get the updates on my radio show.

I realised now that I’m done that I could or should have written this article in French as the show will be in French but well, don’t worry my French friends, I’ll write about it in my mother tongue very soon to make sure you don’t miss the show!

Thanks for supporting me in this new adventure!

L’Ode Rose PR is on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter