Meet Forglow

My article about Electric Honey’s newly signed act! Check it out!

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If you haven’t heard of Forglow yet, stay tuned!

The talented 5 piece alternative/rock band recently joined the Electric Honey family and we’re looking forward to supporting them on their journey.

We all aim to put ourselves out there and bring our talents together to create the best music we can.

Forglow formed back in 2016 during the Behind The Noise project.

Behind The Noise is a music and business education programme developed by Scotland’s Music Hall Of Fame and Doghouse Studios which gives the students a real life experience within the music industry.

Young artists get valuable advice to grow and develop their talent and they learn how to play and communicate as a band to build a strong team spirit. Behind The Noise was a great start to Forglow’s career as it gave them the encouragement and experience they needed to move forward.

The inspiration behind…

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